Amazon’s Alexa up-graded as ‘style assistant’ digital latest revealed


SAN FRANCISCO: Amazon digital helper Alexa is being modified into a fashionint in a fresh gadget that was revealed Wednesday.

The United State on the web huge began promoting its Echo Look device, which contains the voice words activated helper but with a camera, enabling Alexa to provide fashion guidance.

In accordance to the item listing the fresh device has “almost everything you love about Alexa, and now she can assist you look your most effective.”

With a hands free detail detecting camera, the $199 gadget enables a end user to attempt on clothing and get views from any position shown on a hand-set.

“Get a 2nd viewpoint on which outfit seems best with Style Check, a fresh service that includes machine learning methods with advice from fashion professionals,” the list said.

Amazon has attracted attention with its range of Alexa powered gadgets, which use artificial intelligence (AI) to react to voice orders. Alexa is also being incorporated into 3rd-party gadgets ranging from vehicles to smart appliances.

The Amazon gadgets face competitors from gadgets created by Google and others.