Android 8.1 has arrived, unlock your phone when Pixel 2 is upgraded

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Its crazy to unlock your phone when Pixel 2 is upgraded:

Android 8.1 isn’t a enormous update, but it does delegate the Pixel Visual Core on the
Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL, which is a co-processor that enhance the speed of processing
HDR photos, as well as making them less of a discharge on your cell phone’s battery.
Google Pixel 2, which earned itself the fame of one of the “best Android
phones of 2017” shortly after launching last year, has been criticized by
users for many features, such as cameras, touch screen failure, loudspeaker
noise and so on.

andriod 8.1

According to the Pixel 2:

According to the latest report from Phone Arena, the Pixel 2 mobile phone
bug will inevitably be added to the recent release of the Android 8.1 system
update, the phone after the upgrade will lead to unlock the screen without
enter PIN, so that The user feels very annoyance, and must always try to
unlock screen of the phone to call, resulting in inconvenience to use.

The report mentioned that some users in the Google forum said:
“When using Pixel 2 to swipe up to unlock it, you have to actually slide
to the top of the phone or Pixel 2 will not pop up the PIN prompt, and only
the unlock notification pops up. In addition, you have to try again three or
four times before you have a chance to enter to the password window.
It is understood that this bug on the unlock screen, it was confirmed will
appear in some upgrades Android 8.1 Pixel 2, Nexus phone. Android 8.1 was
seen by Google as a major update to Pixel 2. In addition to formally
liberating Pixel 2 own Pixel Visual Core functionality, Pixel 2 enhanced its
ability to take photos and fix many bug bugs that were previously
broken. For upgrades after 8.1 Android bug latest issue came out, so far,
Google has not yet respond”.

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