Apple Shows Business Chat and Make iMessage on FB Messenger Bots


With the IOS 11 Apple is launching a new app generally known as ‘iMesseges’. IT was decided at the end of Apple WWDC keynote, it is a Business Chat, a new tool or app which involves to add live chat and customer support feature They said ‘unlike other apps like: Facebook Messenger or Twitter’s DM feature Apple does not have any platform for business to have a social media presence, as customers can only simply find these things on spotlight, Siri or Maps. iMesseges,


In the session of WWDC, We find more about the app on just how it do the trick, it is a combination of  Twitter customer service part and components of Messenger which provide you a interface in which you can shop for business / scheduling / general inquiry advice and also find a dispute file. Users can easily reach to apps without having to leave Messages. Using stickers they can adjust their place, or size and can also place them on top of bubbles, other stickers, and photos.

In the Business chat customers can sale and purchase products during the chat. But on the other hand the linked payment is strictly to be Apple Pay. Business can show the stocks of their  items in a form of list which will pop up to the conversation and protect them to open in a new window. Which is heard to be very useful.


The Businessman’s who offer appointments, Business Chat will link the phone calendar so it can help to save time slot and also resist the conflicts with their schedule some also necessary features such as predictive text that will fill the incomplete words and also address or  phone numbers when the work ask for it.

In the App Store iMessages is now available to the customers worldwide. It can also some more complex things than shopping and scheduling which will force the users to install the iMessage app to complete their tasks. Just Like, a airline will have a specific app that will allow their customers to choose a specific seat within their chat. It is a tactic like how Facebook encourages developers to build their app and then bot in the Messanger.

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