Apple First 8-core Processor a new generation of A11 chip exposure

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According to industry sources, it is estimated that the earliest use of 2018
a version of the iPad Pro, Apple next-generation processing chip A11, had more
news earlier. It is understood that this chip may be Apple first use of the 8-core
architecture. Chip is also expected to continue by TSMC foundry, mining 7 nm

apple a11 8core

According to past practice, Apple publishes two chips each year, one for the
iPhone and the other for the iPad. This A11; is the fine-tuning version of
the  A11 Bionic" chip that was released earlier with iPhone 8 and iPhone
X. In addition to the architecture increased from 6 cores to 8 cores,
according to the example, in order to iPad larger screen and resolution, A11X
the chip will also be in the GPU has improved.
In particular, the A11X 8 core uses the rare "3 big 5 small" design,
that is, three Monsoon big core, with five Mistral small core. In
contrast, iPhone X A11 chip uses a "2 big 4 small" six-core architecture,
you can look forward to the A11X performance again. Of course, A11's
" Bionic" neuron operator will also be added in the A11X, but do not know at
the moment there will be no other improvements.

And if this news comes true, it will also be Apple core three consecutive
years to enhance. Apple first used dual-core A4 chips for the iPhone 4S in
2011, followed by the A9 in the iPhone 6s until 2015. However, since the A10
of the iPhone 7 in 2016, Apple switched to the "2 + 2" architecture for the
first time. This year A10X and A11 Bionic are for the first time in six cores.
This may also predict that the A12 that iPhone 9 will use in 2018 will also be
the 8-core processor. The new iPad Pro, which will ship with the A11X

The processor is likely to be available by the end of spring 2018, probably
between April and April. This new product is also expected to adopt a narrow
bezel design, or even add Face ID face recognition.

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