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Apple iphone Portrait Mode advertising display empty screen shanghai china

Apple has launched a new advertisement showcasing the Portrait function attribute for the iPhone 7 Plus. This a single is exciting because it was completely shot in China, one of Apple key marketplaces along with the U.S. and Europe.

In specific, you can see a younger couple in the roadways of Shanghai. It seems like they are here to discover the city. The roads are busy and loud. But once the man changes on Portrait mode on the iPhone 7 Plus, people vanish.

I applied to live in Shanghai a few several years ago, and I have to say that it is really impressive to see the roads of Shanghai without anybody yes, even the popular Band. Apple could not clear away the pollution from the sky though.

Latest Portrait mode takes benefits of the two cams at the rear of the mobile. It determines the range between the components of the picture to add some application blur for the background.

It reveals the originality of the iPhone as it lets you see a city via a new angle. I privately choose a city complete of lifestyle, but it makes a fun advertising.

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