Apple will get started changing 4th generation iPads introduced in for service with an iPad Air 2


Apple clients who convey their 4th generation Apple ipad in for providing at Apple Stores and approved service providers might quickly get their unit changed with an iPad Air 2, based to 9 to 5 Mac.

The 4th generation apple ipad was actually launched in year of 2012 and changed with the apple ipad Air 2 in month of 2014. The Company of Apple Corporation will normally choice Applae Ipads model shows in for Maintaining and as avail the stock of d-windles as well , the Apple corporation has informed that its service of Apple staff that the unit ‘ may be rechange to Apple i-pad Air 2’ , according to the memo of acquired by 9 and 5 Mac. The memo also advices staff to note notify clients that the apple ipad had some a little bit different storage space options — 32GB (Giga bytes) and 128GB (Giga bytes), while the 4th generation 16GB (Giga bytes) and 64GB (Giga bytes) options were stopped, significance that people might get an update. In the March, Apple terminated the Apple ipad Air 2 in prefer of a latest 9.7 inch edition.

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