blasphemous facebook comments

Blasphemous Facebook comments Post Pakistan men sentenced to death

blasphemous facebook comments

Court of Anti-terrorist in Pakistan has word a man to death for apparently Comments of blasphemy on Facebook social media, Newest phase in an increased attack on dissent on social networking, Blasphemous.

Pakistan Telecommunication Authorities Sent Text Message:

The Date of May 10, 2017, The PTA sent a text to large numbers of residents alert towards discussing “blasphemous” material on social media marketing and questioning them to review such material. On May 14, the internal Minister (IM), Chaudhary Nisar Ali Khan, requested the FIA to get instant steps versus “all of the dishonouring the Pakistan Army through social media network.”

Allegedly Blasphemous Content Materials:

This is the hard penalties that Pakistan has passed down for online feedback to date. The judgment is an aspect of a broader attack on blasphemous materials on the online. Pakistani telecommunication authorities have forced Google, Facebook and others social media activist to recognise end users publishing such responses online.

Government actions endanger better censorship, irrelevant busts of crucial online voices, and assault by militant categories towards religious unprivileged and pundits.

A week ago, a combined analysis determined the baseless accusations had been a fringe movement by some learners and higher education staff.

Pakistani Govt Block Websites:

The PTA said that in reaction to its huge texting, it had currently obtained three thousand claims concerning on the internet “blasphemous” information. April, the govt had clogged 12,968 sites, in accordance with the Ministry of IT. In March, the FIA caught about three persons for publishing allegedly blasphemous material on the internet.

In the past year, Pakistan has released momentary prevents on Fb, and then Tweets. 3 years suspended on YouTube was raised a year ago.

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