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Careem captain murdered, Captain is Shot Dead in Islamabad

captain careem

Careem right now introduced a reimbursement strategy for Junaid Mustafa, 24, who was taken and murdered while on responsibility in Islamabad on Thurs.

Statement came at one time when Islamabad Police force has created Ata, 26, as claimed killer of the Careem Captain.

Islamabad Police force, in a press briefing, stated that it arrested Ata via mobile info that Careem had provided with the authorities.

Careem is working properly with the Police. We have distributed significant details and ideas which will preferably help in providing contributors to rights. Community authorities have revealed some beginning successes in the analysis. We will proceed our check in and use all lawful sources to make sure the case comes to its sensible final result.

Law enforcement (Police), on the other palms, said that arrested Ata is a citizen of Nowshehra region, Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa and that he applied to grab cars on pistol-point and used to offer them in his local city.

Ata supposedly reserved a ride with Careem on Thursday earlier morning hours from F-11 Markaz without outlining the drop-off place. Junaid Mustafa, a 24 years old Captain from Rawalpindi, picked out Ata and went to D-12 place of Islamabad.

At the conclusion of drive, Ata tried out to grab the car while Junaid allegedly opposed the effort when Ata started out fire and shot several fires from position blank range.

Junaid passed away on the place and Ata left with his Suzuki WagonR car with in order to register number EAG-658, that continues to be retrieved by the Police.

Careem has mentioned that it is continually in contact with Junaid’s family to offer whatever help they may require while in this extremely challenging time.

“While practically nothing can ever substitute Junaid or eliminate the family’s sadness, due reimbursement will be offered to the family”, verified a Careem spokesman.

Careem Protection Committees Established:

These Committees will consist of Captains, Clients, and police officers specialists who will create techniques to secure Captains and Clients from such criminal offenses in foreseeable future.

Careem said that it is very beginning to discuss more specifics on the Protection Committees but mentioned the result of discussions is going to be distributed with the broader group with an action strategy within a 7 days.

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