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China is Creating its Own Version Of Wikipedia (Chinese Encyclopedia)

Chinese Encyclopedia

Wikipedia will soon have a main Chinese opponent Competitors:

In accordance to the South China Day Post, China is performing its own version of Wiki-pedia that will encapsulate over Thirty Thousand entries each approximately One thousand words and phrases in length, which would create it double as large as the Encyclopedia Britannica.

The Encyclopedia of China “is not a e-book, but a Excellent Wall of traditions”, says Yang Muzhi, editor in chief of the task.

20,000 Persons Hire For Create Articles:

Representatives announced that they have currently hired around 20,000 persons to create the articles and layout the structure of new electronic digital book.

Wikipedia is accessible in China, where many sites and media channels outlets are intensely censored, though records on politically delicate subjects — such as the Dalai Lama or President Xi Jinping — are clogged (blocked).

Other nations around the world have desired to censor Wikipedia or create their own government authorized versions of the website. Authorities in Turkey obstructed access to the website last 7 days, allegedly because the website did not react to government demands to remove material from writers charged of “supporting terror.” In the year of 2014, Russia released ideas to develop an alternative version of Wikipedia, in an effort to offer what officials defined as more “specific and efficient” information about the state.

The program will face hard competitors from local online companies Baidu and Qihu 360, which have their personal versions that entice massive visitors, as well as Wikipedia.

Wikipedia is not clogged in China, although specific entries are not reachable and the Chinese words website sometimes encounters outages within the main-land.

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