Dawn Website is now Under Online Cyber Attack and inform pakistan to everybody

Dawn these days released a notice on its web page to tell everybody that they are under online cyber attack, some thing that is become a regular happen for web publishers these days.

Dawn mentioned that their web page has been under online cyber attack for the previous 3 months. It said that cyber attacks are not restricted to the web page only, but their social media user accounts and accounts of employees members have also been put under critical security pressure.

Remarkably, Dawn is not the initial website in Pakistan that is been under cyber attack. Basically, if I may speak seriously, all news websites are attacked and DDoSed by online hackers for number of factors.

If you go and check out with any publisher, no issue how small or big it is, they will inform you that they have faced similar online cyber attacks at least one time — if not more.

With such developments, it is value wondering why Dawn is selecting now to tell everybody that it’s under cyber attack.

Whatever the situation, we recognize Dawn’s circumstances and sentiments, and would recommend them to use Google Safeguard Project for fool proof protection.

Here is what a information posted on Dawn’s website says: