How to Install and Download Winrar File on your Computer

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winrar file

In this post i am going to tell you ways to download and install WinRAR. Adhere to me below for simplest way.


Simply click on this web link and download winrar 64 bit installation.

Download Winrar 64 bit


In case you have properly download the winrar installation, check out folder and dual click onto it. It’ll explain to you a discussion box for storage position of winrar and set up.

Leave it as it is actually and press on “Install” button.


This is going to be 2 mins for installing. When set up improvement bar has been finished this will display another dialog box that requests from you about its options. If you would like to see winrar symbol on your desktop computer then examine the check box for “Add WinRAR to Desktop computer” and keep other choices as it is then simply click on “OK”


Now the installing continues to be finished successfully. Simply click on “Done” button for finish.

You are studying winrar totally free download


As a way to successfully download and set up winrar on your Computer. Now the factor is the best way to draw out the data files using winrar or how you are able to create the zip file using winrar.

  • When mentioning successfully install winrar within your laptop or computer then it can show automatically in your files. To check out Right Click on any data file or directory you will find several option.
  • Choose “Add to archive” or “Add to winrar-x64-550” and your data file or folder will likely be changed into Zip file.
  • If you wish to extract any data file then Right Simply click on that file and check out “Extract Here” or “Extract to winrar-x64-550”

Winrar program is applied to lowest size of any computer file. Such as if you may have a file of 3.42 megabytes and you’ll add to database it will become a zip document. And it decreased 46 megabytes size following getting archive. The data file size is 2.96 megabytes.

Many Types of Files:

It facilitates several type of file i.e. CAB, ARG, LZH, TAR, GZ, ACE, UUE, BZ2, JAR, ISO, 7Z, Z Archives, and have the ability to extract of all those data files. After getting these files turns into a readable file format.

Friendly Using Software:

Winrar user interface is very amazing and specialized you can observe many design in this. It is extremely fresh and simple user interface and any individual can make use of it. There are several other records software but winrar is very easy from them and user friendly.

When you draw out a data file it have record inside it and you can get that data file even that file delete from your laptop or computer.

Large File of Winrar Data File:

It can handle many huge size format e.g gb and will likely be ready to you maintain the files of huge size.

Winrar is very light weight application it will not require additional space. To set up winrar is basic just for a single click you will likely be ready to install and you can utilize it in a very easy method.

Use File In Windows 10 and Back Versions:

It is available for each 32 bit and 64 bit os. It is obtainable for any windows 10 or for its lower edition.

It diminishes the size of hard drive and will have a way to you maintain more data in your hard drive.

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