How to Earn Money From YouTube Videos 7 steps with Pictures

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earn money from youtube

Make Online earning is now a need today. Because income that we generate from work isn’t sufficient to satisfy our requires. Today details technological innovation offers us various online earning techniques. YouTube video clips is one of them. In this post i will inform you how to make money from YouTube via YouTube videos.

I will begin from very basic concepts and then we may go in progress. So study my full article properly if you would like to learn how to earn income from YouTube.

7 Basic Steps for Earn Money From YouTube:

Step 1:

Make channel on YouTube . com, you should have an Google mail account. Sign in with Google mail account and then visit YouTube and simply click on “Register” link. This will divert you a different page for experience, give login name and security password. As you can view in the below image.

sign in youtube

Step 2:

Check out right corner of the display screen and you will notice you have successfully signed into YouTube. Select the right top symbol, the number of options is going to be appear click on “My channel” web link. Because you have never produced any channel on this account so it will explain to you a pop-up screen and you can ask from you the name of the channel that you need to create and simply click on “Create Channel” button.

youtube my channel

youtube my name channel

Step 3:

Now your channel has become created on YouTube. Simply click on “Edit Layout” button at top right area, add profile image and channel art. Profile image will likely be same as on your Google+ image. If you should change profile picture on YouTube then you will need to add this picture on Google+ then you are able to include here.

Step 4:

Youtube income is dependant on Youtube videos. So we’ll upload any video on our Youtube channel. Keep in mind one thing publish the videos that matches with your concept for which you’ve produced channel.

As concerning created “Home Remedies” channel so i am going to upload video appropriately. Simply click the gear icon “Upload” at the top right area and select the video, producing might be start it can take some minutes and your video clip are going to be ready for posting.

Step 5:

Right after making channel, including profile and cover photo, and posting videos now it’s once again time to monetise videos and earn cash.

Firstly you have to Confirm your account. For this reason go to “Creator Studio” and simply click “Channel” tab on the left area. Now click on “Verify” button and adhere to the methods below from images:

youtube profile picture

youtube select country

youtube verification code

verified youtube account

youtube verified

Step 6:

Automatically Money making will likely be off. Before implement Monetization, ensure that some configurations are done and then implement. Select the “Advanced” link in the “Channel” tab. YouTube is only enable customer to Monetization that stay in United State. So you have to choose “United State” country through the drop down otherwise it will never perform. If you didn’t find this choice then select any Western country. Now give the primary keyword of your channel and click on “Save” button. The information will be shown at the top “Your changes were saved”.

adsvertise youtube channel

Step 7:

Here will likely be about three steps that have to comply with. See the pictures below:

youtube monitization

apply for monitization

youtube partner program

youtube adsense

youtube adsense preference

set monetize preference

apply for final monetization

Based to YouTube new Plan policy, if the opinions have already been 10,000 then Monetization will likely be activated and ads will be shown on your video. We have used for Monetization and add Adsense account but it can be approved after 10,000 views. You can view whenever how many opinions are left. Go to “Channel” tab and click on “Monetization”. When views will likely be finish YouTube instantly will approve your demand after watching your channel.

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