Can you be a actual gaming player if you don’t own a light-up mouse pad?

One of the much more recent developments in gaming components is the inclusion of LED lights to anything. Computer keyboard? LED. Mice? Pass the glowy material. Headphones? Dang perfect they have got automatic colors. Cup holders? Yes, that basically prevails.

OR, of course, the topic of this article, the mouse pad. Gaming organizations have been creating customized mouse pads for players with ultra high technology surfaces for several years, and when Razer introduced the Firefly mouse mat pad with LED lights, it experienced like an predictable progression. But the Firefly is only actually suitable with Razer’s Chroma color system. What if you are a lover of SteelSeries’ gaming components? How would you be capable to be the uber-elite pro player you were intended to be then?

Thankfully, your problem is resolved, with the newest QcK Prism mouse pad from SteelSeries. Like Razer’s Firefly, it functions color-ful and automated lighting for providing a perfect lit up touch to your game playing rig. And the newest mouse pad is suitable with SteelSeries’ PrismSync system so all your equipment will be capable to light up in tranquility.

Confident, it costs $59.99, which is a ridiculous price to spend for a mouse pad, even a single with millions of achievable colors and a dual sided surface area that can flip between difficult polymer and soft cloth solutions. Yeah, you could purchase half a dozen of SteelSeries’ regular QcK mouse pads for that selling price.

But they would not lighting up like the QcK Prism. And if you do not have a light up mouse pad, are you even a actual pro gamer?