HEC Releases Online Complaints web Portal for Educational Students


Despite absence of resources, Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan has been attempting to improve and scan its functions. Procedures like the Degree Attestation Support and Degree Equivalence Services can now be taken out remotely.

The commission has lately released a new portal Website which will allow learners to get their higher education relevant problems settled.

Learners or former students can use the website portals to log their issues with the Higher Education Commission (HEC). The commission then appoints focal workers to deal with each specific case.

Complaints can be released in the following types:

  1. Admission relevant issues
  2. Use of incorrect or misleading details
  3. Bribery or requirement for excessive money for any academic institution
  4. Gender selection, race or throw discrimination
  5. Any sort of nuisance
  6. Unjust assessment in examinations
  7. Scholarship relevant problems
  8. Fee issues with colleges or HEC
  9. Any other management issues in universities, colleges or with HEC

Learners who desire to log their issues need to sign-up an online account with the Higher Education Commission (HEC). Cell phone number and e-mail address confirmation is compulsory for consideration registration.

However, Higher Education Commission (HEC) has a tediously extensive procedure before an consideration is built and an online complaints can be released. Learners need to fill their user profiles which needs specific personal details, family details, documents, photo, contact details, academic history, employment background, publication & project details and other minute information like abilities, affiliations and certifications.

As soon as all the details has been added, any of the accessible applications, like the complaint lodging program, ca be utilized.

It is a awesome step by the Higher Education Commission (HEC) to present a centralised an online management system for complaints. Even so, the commission needs to easily simplify the procedure even further for the convenience of students.