Huawei and Telenor Successful relationship for 5G high Speed Internet 70 Gbps


On the March of 31, 2017 Norwegian based worldwide telco Telenor Team, providing all over 214 million mobile members in thirteen marketplaces worldwide, and Huawei group have mutually released what they declare is the 1st 5th Generation 5G based E-band multi-customer MIMO business presentation to be performed in Norway.

Huawei And Telenor with combined relationship performed a successful 5th Generation 5G analyze achieving 70 (Gigabyte) GBps speed in managed surroundings.

Relating to Huawei it was their 1st 5th Generation 5G based E-band multi- customer MIMO trial with any mobile phone operator.

While in the business presentation, the companions achieved a optimum data rate of 70 Gigabytes Gbit/s, and confirmed that E-band (the 71-76/81-86 GHz frequency band) multi-customer MIMO can present deliver 20 Gbit/s speeds for a individual user.

The test was performed in Norway, exactly where Telenor is expecting to install its 1st 5th Generation (5G) circle network when it is commercially accessible.

Telenor said that effective assessments will provide ideas and learnings to recognize essential steps to perform from 4th generation (4G) to 5th generation (5G) technologies. They will be managed through the Huawei and Telenor Combined Innovation Facility.

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