Intel eight generation

Intel will build the 8th Generation Core-i Processor

In a press release that smashed everyone, Intel confirmed that the 8th-
generation Core i processor, which is developing an integrated AMD Rad eon
graphics chip, will be used in thin and light notebooks. Intel argument is the past
independent CPU, display chip, display HBM2 memory will be integrated in the
new chip, a substantial reduction in package size and heat, so that thin and light
notebooks can have magnificent display performance.

Intel eight generation

Display Solution of Intel Semi customized with Ryzen Chip:

Of course, this blockbuster is Intel semi-customized AMD display solution –
although it predictable that AMD is making more money out of its technology on
as many machines as possible, AMD has just announced will launch a new
notebook with Vega display with Ryzen chip, this moment will not become
competitive with yourself? As for the Intel side there is no loss, if such a
collaboration can really control the energy dissipation and heat, then Intel can
slow down their own integrated display of R D, rather than maintaining the
state of the half-suspended.

This is the first product to use Intel EMIB technology that combines multiple
process-based chips in the same package to pass information in front of the CPU,
GPU, and HBM memory by encapsulating an embedded high-speed lane. It seems
CPU and GPU integration is not as good as the integrated graphics, but compared
to the existing independent display program, the size is much smaller. It may be
thought of as a state between the two.

Intel expects the notebooks featuring the new chipset to hit the market in the
first quarter of 2018 and fall under Intel 8th-generation Core processor
family. In the end this is not effective, all depends on how the results of running

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