iphone x clone

First Apple iPhone X Clone by Chinese Manufacturer

iphone x clone

Apple’s products are often copied by some manufacturers, iPhone X has been listed for a long
time, the aircraft is no exception, of course, we have seen before we copied this phone design,
and now there is a similar model exposure.

Leagoo S9 Phone:

Leagoo S9 phone is having high similarity with the iPhone X, especially manufacturer copied
both rounded corners and the top notch of iPhone X. This cell phone is made of glass and
aluminum.  Leagoo S9 has camera placement on the top right edge but one different addition in
this phone is a fingerprint scanner at the back top center and battery, signal etc is also the same
with iPhone X.
The current phone configuration is not yet exposed, but it is likely to be a middle and
low models designed to attract those who cannot afford the iPhone X but hope to spend
the design of the user.

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