Microsoft banned Game Emulators from Windows Store

Microsoft company has updated its Windows Store guidelines to suspend developers from developing applications that replicate games. Nesbox’s Universal Emulator application for playing Nintendo and Sega ROMs has been eliminated from the Store pursuing the upgrade. Nesbox was one of the extra popular emulators on the Windows Store, enabling Windows 10 consumers to play games applying an Xbox One game controller.

PC Gamer reports that the application is continue to available external of the Windows Store, but the designer has verified Nesbox has been eliminated by Microsoft. It seems Microsoft modified its store guidelines on 29 of March to suspend game emulators, as the earlier policy modification in January did not include “ Applications that replicate a game technique are not permitted on any gadget family.”

While it might appear amazing that Microsoft ever permitted game emulators in the Windows Store, Google does not limit emulators on its personal Android store. This now simply leaves Google as the only mobile application store still assisting game emulator applications, as Apple also prohibits these types of applications.

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