Ministry of Information Technology Expose Data Protection Act in Pakistan

Ministry of Information Technology (IT) and Telecommunication (MOITT) is preparing to present Data Protection Act (DPA) in sequence to secure legal rights of internet users in Pakistan.

Data Protection Act (DPA) will secure the privacy and reliability of data and control how your private information is used by organizations, businesses or the govt. In this digital age, Pakistan continue to lacks laws and rules to secure the privacy of residents online.

IT Minister Anusha Rehman explained that the Ministry is getting all possible actions to present Data Protection Act (DPA) within about three months to secure the online and offline legal rights of internet consumers and to quit the robbery of data online. While discussing to Pakistan Today.

Anusha Rehman said:

“The nation badly needs such laws and the worldwide community should assist us in this respect. After Online Cyber Crime Act, we are presenting Data Protection Act (DPA) to secure the people. Ministry will version this act and it (act) will go through assessment process before it is delivered to the parliament for authorization .”

The online secrecy is a worldwide identified right of every resident under the Article twelve of the United Nations Globally Report of Human Rights, “1948”. She said that Ministry is striving hard to make sure the online personal privacy of people and this would not be probable without the assist of all related stakeholders in this respect.

Showcasing the thieves of online data, the Minister mentioned that many business companies steal online customers data to support their business program and Ministry might face the opponent of such companies in applying the Data Protection Act. She said,

“Without previous online customer consent, data should not be distributed with 3rd parties and the aim of a Data Protection Act (DPA) is to make a balance between the legal rights of individuals and competitive interests of those with reliable reasons for using private information.”

Pakistan National Assembly (PNA) approved the suspect Cyber Crime Bill in August previous year after making numerous amendments to Protection of Electronic Crimes Bill (PECB) in 2015. The bill confronted the severe competitors of many. Cyber Crime Law guarantees the safety of people on the internet. Illegal accessibility to information system, data, electronic forgery, cyber threats, dislike speech, cyber-terrorism, bogus identities, cyber-stalking, new spamming, spoofing and any unlawful activity online will cause to severe punishments under legislation law.

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