New Feature of Skype is now available on Xbox One Application

Skype for Xbox One is obtaining an all fresh application with the Xbox One Makers Upgrade that brings the Worldwide Windows Platform version of Skype to Microsofts game playing console.

This application is now created on the similar base as the Personal computer and cellular versions, but provides its own exclusive visual style to much better fit in with other Xbox One applications. You will continue to need a Kinect to create video calls, even though audio calls will perform over any head-set linked to an Xbox controller. The modified Skype also provides video calls for up to 5 simultaneous people, or audio calls with up to 25 members.

One especially exciting Xbox One created feature is automatic zoom, where Skype will wisely zoom in on a participators face, instead of live broadcasting a extensive shot of your whole residing room.

Latest Skype for Xbox One is readily available as an upgrade through the Xbox One application store nowadays.

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