PEMRA Suspend the ON-AIR Nickelodeon Channel Licence of indian content

PEMRA Suspends licence of Nickelodeon Channel:

PEMRA Ban the Channel of Nickelodeon On 27th April, Nickelodeon Channel transmitted a animated cartoon series based on the well-known folk tale Emperor Has Never Wear Clothes because which had doubtful material in it.

In accordance to PEMRA, they are receiving the many complaints from children parents due to which fast reply was taken towards animation cartoons. Parents were surprised at the material which broadcasted in the show and reported to the electronic media watch-dog, after which an steps was taken after analysis.

PEMRA also mentioned that watching of such material is towards the religious beliefs and the moral code. Furthermore, it can have a harmful effect on young minds in the more time run.

This is not the initial instance of its type though. Final time PEMRA were experienced with such a scenario, the doubtful cartoon show was prohibited for an whole year.

The route has been requested to respond to the PEMRA and may require to adhere to just one of the following fees and penalties:

  • The Section 29, spend a fine of Rs. 1 million
  • The Section 30, getting right issues will be halted or revoked

Here is the notice which was launched by PEMRA:


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