pia online check-in

PIA Enable Passengers to Check-in Online Reservation Seats

pia online check-in

The official handle of the Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), the customers will give the accessibility to check-in online sitting in their homes.

This will start from the June 12th,2017 and enjoy the pre-booking accessibility

This service is nonstop in other words 24/7 before the flight leaves. The person can book a ticket before 3 hours when the flights leave.


But unfortunately, it is only available in the country. The major country highlighted in which services will surely be available are Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad

For those who don’t know, online check-ins are particularly useful when you are travelling with hand-carry only luggage. In such cases, you can get your boarding pass well ahead of reaching the airport, get your security cleared and head straight to the gate instead of getting into the queues at the airport.


It is a very useful way when you are a lonely travel and have only a hand-carry luggage. When you are travelling you can get your boarding pass before you get there and in short you have all the avoided all the queues, security checks. You just have to get to the gate and that’s it!

PIA has said that it will extend its online check-in service for other airports very soon.

There is also a good news that they will be working on their extension of their online check-ins to the international level.

The Pakistani International Airport (PIA) know Have a Special surprise for the travellers. According to our research, they have allowed online check-ins which will shorten the process of the booking.

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