PIA (Pakistan International Airlines) Releases a Digital Crew Application


Pakistan International Airlines (PIA):

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has just released a Digital Crew application for its flight team staff. The digital option is particularly designed for the cabin staff. It will perform as an computerized cabin crew flight statement log and information centre.

Before to this, cabin staff had to bring big bags and luggage to log in their traveling hours. After the newest option, they will only need a tablets or a mobile phone with the Digital Staff application before-installed. The staff can then sign-up the essential data through the application.

The staff will also be capable to fill rosters and technological manuals during a airline flight. The application will allow the flight staff to get on-line and off-line technological support, get and offer timely information by establishing with the system and even determine petrol expenses and performance allowances.

Digital Crew Application:

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has been attempting to update its schedule tasks. The use of Digital Staff application is a step in the similar route. The project was advancing by Chief Information Officer Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), Azhar Nawaz.

Many thanks to its new digitization initiatives, Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) work atmosphere will be incorporated with state of the art technological innovation so the air travel can go completely paperless in the coming years. At minimum that is the general concept here and the Digital Staff application represents a small but laudable step in direction of that.

PIA’s staff can download the mobile phone and tablet application for supported iOS gadgets here.