smart glasses voice control

Smart Glasses convert words into voice by Japan Company

smart glasses voice control

A Japan organization is creating a set of intelligent smart glasses that change words into tone of voice for individuals who are dyslexic or usually have problems reading through, as seen by SoraNews24. The eyeglasses, in progression since 2012, have already been listed on Campfire, Japanese version of Kick starter, with the target of raising $93,500 in purchase order to sell off each couple for around $47.

Oton Eye Glasses:

Oton Glass are eyeglasses with two very small cams and an headset on the sides. Fifty percent of the lens is a reflect mirror that displays the user’s eyesight so that the internal-facing camera can monitor eye motions and blinks.

Customers will look at some written text and blink to catch a picture of what’s in front side of them, which receives passed on to a devoted Raspberry Pi cloud program, reviewed for text, and then modified into a tone of voice that performs through the ear piece. If the program is incapable to review those words, a remote worker will be accessible to troubleshoot and fix. Some of those concepts sound identical to Google Translate, which is currently able of getting a picture and switching it into voice. But to use the application, you continue to have to remove your phone and run over lines of text, which seems somewhat more artificial than flashing at written text through your eyeglasses.

Continue to, provided how standard the technology sounds, if the textual content identification system is not able to read everything, it’s likely the Oton Glass would simply be decreased to people understanding text. The entire thing could turn into decreased to a really costly decoding program.

Target of Price:

At this point, the organization has raised 1,236,500 yen ($11,573.64) on Campfire, which is just 12 % of its designed 10,000,000 yen target. The Oton was most lately a 3rd-place player-up for the James Dyson prize in the year of 2016.

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