softbank robotic maker

SoftBank Purchased Robot Maker Unit the Boston Dynamic From Alphabet

softbank robotic maker

The well-known company of Japan “SoftBank” sell some robots named as Pepper. Who blink eyes and have the ability to understand human emotions.

Everyone is hoping for more from this company a variety of stable of robots and the truth is there will be more soon.


This is because of SoftBank finally have bought Boston Dynamics. Which build animal-shaped robots From Google owner Alphabet Inc. There is more That, not only this but Schaft a Japanese bipedal robotics company which is also owned by Alphabet Inc.


It was so relaxing after the investment of  Google’s robotics. In the year of 2013, Google starts to snap up the other robotics companies to make a robotic unit under the man named as “Andy Rubin”. He is the man who builds the software of the Google’s Android smartphone which is the dominant OS of the mobile era. The Highest Profile company bought by Google was “Boston Dynamics” during the purchasing spree. It is all possible due to the funding of  US  government’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.

When the head of the operation left (Mr Rubin) in the year 2014, the company started to re-evaluate the unit and tell the feelers about the selling of some companies including the Boston Dynamics.


Boston Dynamics, a company which was at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology 25 years ago. They got some funding from the Pentagon Agency, they gained some notice to this country for its two- and four-legged robots. Designed for military use, they move with balance and speed. capable of advanced aerial manoeuvres and also with obstacle avoidance.

Boston Dynamics’ is a company. Which is known by its robots, with names like WildCat, Big Dog and Cheetah? Which were big hits online? Some people also said with awe and terror because many referred these as a Terminator-like future in which robots would rule humans.


SoftBank is a sprawling network of major investments and companies. Which are managed by Mr Son, and the Japan’s richest man, He was an early investor in Alibaba. He started out selling monthly magazines in the country about computers before moving into the field of mobile telecommunications. It is now creating a $100 billion fund for technology investments. In May, the company said it had $93 billion committed toward that ambition.

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