How to Use Sticky Notes for Windows 10 in Simple Ways

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sticky notes for window

Would you like to place your daily schedule in any document that rapidly open?

The response is “Yes” you’re able to do in any working system both it is window, android operating system or some other. You can perform this in easy way. In this post i noticed you the way you can utilization Sticky-Notes in 3 ways.

3 Methods to Use Sticky Notes:

  1. Sticky Notes are applied in windows 10 by standard, you don’t require to get any software just for a single click you may open up notes easily.
  2. The 2nd way for applying sticky-notes is add chrome extension in your web browser.
  3. And last you can get any application for using notes by easy to enhance.

These are typically the methods through which you may use notes sticky. You may attempt anyone of them but let me tell you in this post all these methods.

1st Method:

If you may have windows 10 in your Computer and Laptop then comply with these methods for make, modify or remove sticky-notes.

  • Visit your “Windows Search Box” that is base in your windows display screen.
  • Kind “sticky-notes” and start it by simply click on the link.

windows search bar

  • Whenever you click on Sticky Notes it will start now you can view in the picture below.
  • Right here you can see i have compose some thing from our everyday routine. You can handle everything like this.
  • And the exciting thing is “When you turn off your Personal computer or you reboot your Computer, Sticky Notes won’t be removed” .
  • When you turn off your Computer system, don’t shut or delete sticky notes simply reduce the software by pressing Quick Release Button on the task bar once. It will reduce the software and you can turn off your Laptop or computer or reboot when you once again open you laptop computer you will discover all sticky notes in your desktop computer screen.

Create Sticky Notes

Generate Sticky Notes:

  • Now i am going to tell you how you can generate a new sticky notes.
  • click on ” + ” sign from your current sticky notices and you will likely be ready to generate another one.

click + sign

Remove Sticky Notes:

  • Now i’ll tell you the way you can remove any Sticky-Notes.
  • press on remove icon at the top right area and you’ll be ready to remove any stick notes.
  • If you remove any Sticky Notes then it will never seem after restarting you windows.

remove sticky notes

Modify Color of Sticky Notes:

  • If you need to modify the shade of sticky notes then basically click on 3 dots at the top right corner. You will find a list of shades select one of these and the shade will likely be instantly changed.
  • If you would like to modify the settings then just on gear key at the bottom part and you can change.

change color

Second Method:

Go to your web browser and type in google search “sticky-notes free download” you will notice list of computer software from primary to enhance level. Download any program and then set up in your PC. You will be ready to generate, edit and delete sticky notes.

Third Method:

  • Lastly the third method is you may use sticky notes by setting up extension in your chrome web browser and it perform same.
  • Go to gear symbol of 3 dots in your web browser, then simply click on “More tools” then “Extensions”.
  • Simply click on “Get more extensions” URL at the bottom.
  • look for in the search box sticky-notes and add to chrome.

chrome extension

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