Microsoft and Rockwell Automation

Microsoft and Rockwell Automation Forge AI-powered Alliance to Revolutionize Product Design

In a pioneering collaboration, tech giant Microsoft and industrial automation leader Rockwell Automation have joined forces to leverage the power of artificial intelligence (AI) in reshaping the landscape of product design. Through the integration of various AI technologies such as generative AI, machine learning, and the industrial metaverse, the partnership aims to empower customers to…

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Apple Watch

Apple’s Carbon Neutrality Claims Face Scrutiny

Apple’s recent declaration that the Apple Watch 9 is carbon neutral has stirred controversy as consumer groups cast doubt on the tech giant’s environmental assertions. Critics argue that Apple’s carbon neutrality assertion relies heavily on carbon credits, a method they perceive as unsustainable and a form of greenwashing. Understanding Carbon Credits: Carbon credits are essentially…

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Apple's Generative AI

Apple’s ‘Scary Fast’ Event on October 30, 2023: New Macs and the Mighty M3 Chip Unveiled

In a much-anticipated move, Apple has officially announced their upcoming special event, aptly named “Scary Fast,” scheduled for October 30, 2023. This event is already creating a buzz in the tech world, with enthusiasts and Apple aficionados eagerly awaiting the unveiling of new Macs and, most notably, the rumored next-generation M3 chip. The “Scary Fast”…

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Microsoft's Cloud

Microsoft’s Cloud-Powered Surge: A 13% Revenue Boost in Q1 FY 2024

Microsoft reported a remarkable revenue surge of 13%, propelled by the robust growth in its cloud computing division. The Intelligent Cloud segment, encompassing Azure and other cloud services, played a pivotal role in this upswing, amassing an impressive revenue of $24.3 billion, marking a substantial 19% increase. One of the standout performers within this division…

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ChromeOS control mouse and keyboard

ChromeOS may soon allow you to control mouse and keyboard with face movements

ChromeOS is currently on the cusp of introducing an innovative accessibility feature known as “Face Tracking.” This forthcoming functionality promises to empower users with the ability to manipulate their mouse and keyboard through their facial movements. While still in the developmental stages, glimpses of this technology have already surfaced in ChromeOS 120. The precise mechanics…

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