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Here’s how much iPhone 15 Pro Max with PTA tax costs in Pakistan

Here’s how much iPhone 15 Pro Max with PTA tax costs in Pakistan

As Apple, the tech giant, launched its latest iPhone 15 series, individuals from across the globe are showing a strong desire to acquire these luxurious gadgets.

In Pakistan, where tech-savvy enthusiasts and Apple aficionados eagerly anticipate the arrival of the newest Apple products, the initial surge in demand for these phones is unquestionable. However, the enthusiasm is tempered by the high pricing these devices command.

While the iPhone 15 series boasts premium features and promises superior performance along with cutting-edge camera technology, the steep price tags attached to these smartphones have sparked concerns among consumers. This concern is further compounded by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) tax, which adds to the already exorbitant cost of these devices.

Here’s a breakdown of the available models and their non-PTA prices:

iPhone 15 Series Prices with PTA Tax

Model Storage Capacity Price (PKR) PTA Tax (Passport) PTA Tax (CNIC)
iPhone 15 128 GB PKR 236,000 PKR 107,325 PKR 130,700
256 GB PKR 265,500 PKR 107,325 PKR 130,700
512 GB PKR 324,600 PKR 107,325 PKR 130,700
iPhone 15 Plus 128 GB PKR 265,500 PKR 113,075 PKR 137,000
256 GB PKR 295,000 PKR 113,075 PKR 137,000
512 GB PKR 354,000 PKR 113,075 PKR 137,000
iPhone 15 Pro 128 GB PKR 295,000 PKR 112,275 PKR 147,150
256 GB PKR 324,600 PKR 112,275 PKR 147,150
512 GB PKR 383,700 PKR 112,275 PKR 147,150
iPhone 15 Pro Max 128 GB PKR 354,100 PKR 131,130 PKR 156,900
256 GB PKR 383,700 PKR 131,130 PKR 156,900
512 GB PKR 442,700 PKR 131,130 PKR 156,900

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