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The Prequel to One of PS5’s Most Promising Upcoming Games Will Be Free in November

The Prequel to One of PS5’s Most Promising Upcoming Games Will Be Free in November

While there remains some speculation regarding the authenticity of the reveal trailer for Phantom Blade Zero showcased during a recent State of Play livestream, its precursor is swiftly approaching. Phantom Blade: Executioners, a side-scrolling adventure, is set to launch on November 2nd, available on both PS5 and PS4, as well as various mobile devices and PC. The best part? It will be entirely free-to-play. You can secure your spot by pre-registering on all platforms, including the PS Store, via the provided link.

In a press release, it’s revealed that Phantom Blade: Executioners will plunge players into the enigmatic Order, tasked with investigating a string of recent killing sprees perpetrated by clans utilizing the forbidden Sha-Chi body-engineering technique. Gamers will have the choice of four distinct heroes, each specializing in mystical Wuxia skills, as they endeavor to eradicate Sha-Chi enhanced monstrosities within a visually stunning, hand-painted 2D world.

S-GAME, the ambitious developer behind the title, has announced that this marks the inception of the expansive Phantom Blade project. Executioners will serve as the prelude, shedding light on the backstory of the hero Soul, who takes center stage in Phantom Blade Zero.

The game’s description continues: “Players must master precise timing to unleash dynamic skill chain-based combos with the touch of a button. Accumulate Phantom bonuses throughout the gameplay and apply them to enhance character skills, maximizing damage and martial art prowess. Once the battle concludes, gather valuable equipment for future encounters. Customize gear to your heart’s content and venture into the procedurally-generated Purge Dungeons, offering the opportunity to obtain coveted Sin Gears.” For those seeking companionship in their adventure, a cooperative mode will be available for teaming up with friends.

From an artistic perspective, the game appears visually captivating, although some skepticism surrounds the free-to-play business model and its relevance to the broader lore of Phantom Blade Zero. Nevertheless, as a free-to-play experience, it presents an opportunity well worth exploring – after all, there’s nothing to lose.

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