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Addigy Migration Guide

Addigy Migration Guide

Migrating your macOS fleet from an existing Mobile Device Management (MDM) or Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) solution to Addigy can be a complex process, but with careful planning, it can be executed smoothly. This guide outlines the prerequisites and steps involved to facilitate a seamless transition.


  1. The ability to execute a script or PKG on the device.
  2. macOS 10.10 or higher.
  3. An active MDM tool for device migration.

Migration Steps:

Step 1: Deploy the Addigy Agent using your existing MDM/RMM Tool

  • Visit Addigy’s Add Devices page and choose a policy.
  • For the script option, copy the link from the “Install Via Terminal” section.
  • For the PKG option, download the file from the “Install Via Package” section.
  • Important Note: Avoid having two Addigy Agents installed on a device simultaneously.

In-depth Articles:

  • Migrating from Connectwise
  • Migrating from Kaseya
  • The process for other tools is similar; copy the CLI Package and deploy it using the provided mechanism to run a one-time script.

Step 2: Replicate Software Packages, MDM Configuration Profiles, etc. in Addigy (Optional)

  • Navigate to the Policies page and access the Catalog.
  • Utilize the Custom Software tab to recreate deployment packages from the previous RMM/MDM tool.
  • On the MDM Configuration tab, replicate existing MDM profiles such as Wifi, Energy Savings, Security, and Privacy.

Step 3: Copy scripts into the Addigy Devices page (Optional)

  • Access the Manage tab on the Devices page.
  • Copy desired scripts from the current solution into Addigy, saving each script.

Script Creation Guide: Link to Addigy Support Article

Step 4: Configure Addigy MDM (Required for MDM)

  • Go to the MDM Settings page in Addigy.
  • Follow the provided instructions to create an Apple Push Certificate.
  • Navigate to the Policies page, select a policy, and go to Integrations > Mobile Device Management (MDM).
  • Create the MDM Enrollment Profile and associate it with the Apple Push Certificate.

Detailed MDM Configuration Guide: [Link to Addigy Support Article]

Step 5: Remove Current MDM

  • Log in to your current MDM tool.
  • Un-enroll the device.
  • Verify the removal of the MDM Enrollment Profile from the device.
  • If profiles are not unremovable, utilize scripting for removal (contact support@addigy.com for the migrator utility).

Step 6: Install and Approve the Addigy MDM Enrollment Profile

  • Visit the Addigy Devices page.
  • Find the device, click the dropdown arrow, and press the “Install MDM” button.
  • On the device, navigate to System Preferences >> Profiles and approve the Addigy MDM Enrollment profile.

(Optional) Addigy Support can provide a script to prompt user approval.

Step 7: Use Addigy to Remove Any Remaining Aspects of the Previous RMM/MDM Tool (Optional)

  • Go to the Addigy Devices page.
  • In the Run Command bar, enter commands to remove the previous RMM/MDM tool.

This comprehensive migration guide aims to ensure a seamless transition to Addigy, minimizing disruptions and maintaining effective device management.

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